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Innovation inspired by nature - academia and industry | 3.4.2023

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv | 09:00-17:30

The field of innovation inspired by nature (Bioinspiration), which is also identified with the field of biomimicry (Biomimicry) and the field of biomimetics (Biomimetics) is today considered an engine of innovation that generates breakthrough, innovative and sustainable solutions in all areas of life.

Observing nature through a technological-engineering-business "lens" enables the identification of nature's solutions to various challenges, and the transfer of this knowledge to applications in a wide variety of content areas, in the hi-tech and traditional industries. Nature's solutions are efficient solutions in terms of material and energy resources and are based on a planning paradigm that differs from the familiar and known in the technological world. Innovation occurs at the interdisciplinary meeting between different fields: engineering, sciences, biology, environment, design, management and more, and at the connection between academic knowledge and industry requirements.

I'm honored to take part in this conference, giving a talk called "Nature has already done it: biomimicry in the world of materials", as part of the Materials session led by Dr. Bat-El Pinchasik from Tel Aviv University.

For registration and full program and speakers of the conference click here>>


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