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Vision Test


Design Museum Holon

Role: Curator


Chief Curator: Maya Dvash

The visual process comprises two main parts; the first is the physical process - the lens, the eye, and the visual information receptors - and the second is the perceptual process in which the processing and understanding of the visual information take place. Although this process is considered absolute, it is subject to personal, social, and cultural interpretations that create a gap between physical reality and the information received.
The Vision Test exhibition invites visitors on a journey through three stations of sight: focus, color, and distance. The journey passes through various viewpoints from the fields of optics and vision and provides a glimpse into the existing knowledge in these fields. Each of the stations presents design, material, and technological interpretations for a different visual challenge. The interpretations also propose new ways of seeing, reading, and understanding the world and the environment, and can serve as a personal and useful source of inspiration, and even encourage a search for thought-provoking solutions to challenges in other areas.
Vision Test was presented as part of the “Overview” exhibition at Design Museum Holon, which explored eyeglasses, vision and design and showcased the exceptional historical eyewear collection of Claude Samuel alongside new original works by local designers.


Danor Theatre and Studio Systems | Dfus 3D - Prototypes and 3D Printing | Elkeslasi Surface Design | Halperin Digital Printing | Studio Carnovsky Milan - Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla | Yoav Brill | Special Thanks to Claude Samuel, Oded Ezer, Istituto Di Cultura Tel Aviv and Ambasciata d'Italia Tel Aviv, Rubik's official representative in Israel

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