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Material related Exhibitions curated or co-curated by Efrat Barak, connecting materials, design thinking, innovation, and culture

Extreme Lab

Part of "State of Extremes" at Design Museum Holon, 2020

Chief Curators: Aric Chen, Maya Dvash and Azinta Plantenga

As part of Design Museum Holon's 10th anniversary Exhibition, I have curated the category focusing on innovative materials and technologies. Some of the exhibits are commercially manufactured, with environmental aspects, some are bio/biomed startups, some came straight for university labs, and some are design led innovations and applications exploring the potential use and implication of developments and trends from the fields of materials. All are showing a reaction to the extreme states in the world, while some are already creating the future.

Working Together: Design and Engineering

at Design Museum Holon, 2019

Curator: Efrat Barak

Original exhibition exploring principals of design and engineering in James Dyson's work, connecting design and engineering through the view of technical thinking and behavioral thinking. The exhibition is a journey through the milestones and technological breakthroughs that came from the inspiring “inventor-designer-engineer” way of thinking of James Dyson, followed by the work of the company he founded. From the “Ballbarrow” he invented in 1974 to the familiar cordless vacuum cleaner that a few years ago could be perceived as a small niche-product - The exploration of James Dyson's work offers a glimpse into the thought processes, design and technological challenges, and the principals that has resulted in significant changes in the field of consumer products. Made in collaboration with Dyson company.