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Efrat Barak
Materials & Design Innovation

Light transmitting material


Efrat is an expert in material innovation with over a decade of experience. Her multidisciplinary approach focuses on innovation, design thinking, sustainability, and industrial requirements. As a creative professional, she excels in consulting, strategy, and innovation. Efrat’s unique perspective stems from her extensive knowledge across materials, technology, environment, industry, and design.


Previously, Efrat served as the Director of the Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library at the Design Museum Holon. Her expertise lies in researching, evaluating, and showcasing material developments, trends, and case studies. She has advised independent designers, entrepreneurs, R&D and innovation teams, and students from leading companies, startups, and academia.


Efrat’s network extends to both local and global companies, startups, and non-profit organizations. She is also an accomplished lecturer, panelist, and curator of material innovation exhibitions, featuring thought-provoking materials and designs made by professionals worldwide.

B.Design in Industrial Design, HIT Holon Institute of Technology (2010)

M.A in Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University (2024)

Strategy Consulting & Business Development: Avi Sagi

"Materials form the fundamental basis for nearly everything in the world. Consequently, we must diligently consider how we source, produce, and utilize them—keeping in mind both present needs and future interests."

-Efrat Barak

Efrat Barak Materials and Design innovation consultant

Consulting, research and lectures for the development and implementation of Material Innovation based on Design Thinking. Suitable for start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies from the manufacturing industries, academia and professionals who wish to overcome challenges and innovate through identification, research and assimilation of innovation in materials.


  • Material Discovery - Broad scope review and direction, best for projects in early stages

  • Material Research - Direction for innovative, efficient and sustainable material solutions.

Material rising | Inspired by Nature | Introduction to Biomaterials | Sustainable Materials | Material trend review, and more

Crystal textile
Colorful polymers


Selected articles:
Extreme Materials | Materials trends and global changes”, “Synthetic fruit and genetic engineering: Science fiction or Design?” (Heb), “Folds and structures: Science turns to Origami” (Heb). Design Museum Holon’s Magazine (2015-2020)

"Material innovation for the construction industry" book by Adi Mager, Founder of "IRMI - The Israeli Raw Materials Resource Forum for the Construction and Infrastructure Industries". (2020)

Material re-union-re-cycle” interview and cover of “Extreme Lab” by Naama Riva. (Haaretz, Nov 2020, Heb)



"Extreme Lab" category of "State of Extremes" (2020) exhibition at Design Museum Holon. Curators: Aric Chen, Maya Dvash and Azinta Plantenga.

"Working Together: Design and Engineering" (2019) exhibition at Design Museum Holon. In collaboration with Dyson.

"Guest Materials" (2019) first of its kind pop-up exhibition at the Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library at the Holon Design Museum. Curated with: Sharon Murro and Aya Zahavi.

"Vision Test" category of "Overview" (2017) exhibition at Design Museum Holon, exploring vision and optics trough Design and technology. Chief Curator Maya Dvash.

"Material Shading: Covering the City" category of "Urban Shade" (2015) exhibition at Design Museum Holon. Chief Curators Martin Weyl and Galit Gaon.


"Smart Materials, Stupid Materials" (2016) exhibition at HIT - Holon Institute of Technology "Vitrina" Gallery. Chief Curator Shlomit Bauman.

Coated plastic bottel and Beduwin Goat-hair textile
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