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Innovation in Sustainable Materials Initiative: Open call - August 15th to September 28th

In today's fast-paced world, where environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, a group of influential players has emerged to drive the change we need. Arc Impact, alongside esteemed collaborators such as More VC, Negev Quantum Hub, Q Fund, j-impact, Kompass VC, and other key ecosystem leaders, has initiated an unparalleled effort to rally the forces of innovation. The goal? To uncover and empower groundbreaking solutions set to reshape the landscape of sustainable materials for a better future. I am honored to take part as a material innovation and sustainability advisor, and be one of the judges on this challenge.

Addressing the Carbon Conundrum

The production, utilization, and reutilization of materials have long been culprits in the emission of greenhouse gases. The pervasive use of carbon-intensive materials acts as a significant roadblock on our journey towards achieving a net-zero economy. Recognizing this challenge, the alliance of Arc Impact and its collaborators is spotlighting the pivotal role of technology in addressing the current carbon intensity of foundational materials. By doing so, they aim to meet sustainability goals and take substantial strides towards climate change mitigation.

Broad Horizons of Innovation: A Call to Innovators

The call is out for visionaries, researchers, and academic partners to be part of this transformational movement. It invites passionate individuals to step forward and submit their applications. This ambitious challenge casts its net wide, encompassing a spectrum of technology-based innovations. From Cement and Concrete to Steel, Minerals, Batteries, Glass, Basic Chemicals, Plastics, and beyond – this initiative seeks novel ways to produce these materials in a more environmentally responsible manner or through sustainable processes. Furthermore, the scope extends to innovations involving the sustainable applications of materials, leaving room for surprises that might reshape entire industries.


  • August 15th: The Call Out is Launched

  • September 28th: Application Deadline

  • October 10th: Top 5 Winners Announcement

  • October 17th: The Grand Event

If you're an innovator or researcher ready to make a difference, seize this opportunity. The application window remains open until September 28th.

APPLY HERE: (open until Sep 28)

Got questions? Reach out to Maayan Schwartz ( and get the answers you need.


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