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Sustainable material innovation IL - 2022

Walking into the first #planetechworld2022 conference two weeks ago in TLV, I had one thing in mind: Materials. This is what I do and what intrigues me the most. I am always on the lookout for new developments, shifts and trends in this field. It was a pleasure to meet old and new friends, learning and seeing the progress they have made – Hi, we do have great #sustainable #materials #startups in Israel! And yes - there are alternatives for polluting/harmful materials. Some of the materials and technologies shown in the conference are already making a big changes in the world, some are taking their first steps and it is so exciting to see how they evolve. This kind of material solutions, combining innovation and sustainability, can be a great way to reduce or, in some cases, even eliminate a company's footprint on the environment, and there are many more like the ones shown in the conference. Yes, you do need to know how to implement these materials in the right way, not to find yourself doing more harm then good. But - the possibilities are endless. This conference was an important and optimistic step for a better reality. Here are some of these #innovative #local #startups presented. If you work somewhere between r&d, production and product, and you want to know more on how you can improve your business and environmental achievements using smart material choices contact me.

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