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Guest Materials


Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library

Role: Curator

Curation team: Sharon Murro


Materials and technologies are tools for change and innovation, particularly for manufacturers, designers, and architects, and to all kinds of creators. Materials can be a solution to a problem, one that behaves exactly as it should and, in some cases, materials can lead the creative move itself - research, exploration, trial and error that stimulate new and groundbreaking ideas. “Guest Materials” pop-up exhibition was created in order to offer a spotlight into the diverse and surprising materials and techniques that were developed by local professionals, some use these materials as their own creative path, some sell and collaborate with clients and colleagues. This was a celebration of material innovation and creativity, that included a special event hosting the wonderful designers behind the materials who shared their processes and thoughts with the visitors.


Erez Nevi Pana | Havatzelet Haramati | Yifa Reuven | Gali Cnaani | Dafi Reis Doron | Eden Saadon | Pineton | Elinor Portnoy | Aya Zehavi | Tamar Branitzky | Tesler Mendelovitch | Yael Reboh | Studio Scroll | Ori Yekutiel | Mika Barr | Inbar Zanir

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