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Working Together: Design and Engineering


Design Museum Holon

Role: Curator



In an age in which technological horizons are rapidly expanding and the market of consumer products is flooded by endless options, the products that surround us are constantly changing. These changes forge an important connection between technical thinking and behavioral thinking.
Planning and designing a new product require consideration of numerous parameters: an understanding of structures, materials, technologies, and production methods, as well as of users’ character, behaviors, needs and desires. The combination of methods from the design and engineering disciplines is needed, today more than ever, to allow for the development durable, user-friendly functional products that have the potential to win over consumers and may even create a better future for all.
To explore these ideas, the original exhibition Working Together: Design and Engineering, invited visitors to a journey through the milestones and technological breakthroughs that came from the inspiring “inventor-designer-engineer” way of thinking of James Dyson, followed by the work of the company he founded. From the “Ballbarrow” he invented in 1974 to the familiar cordless vacuum cleaner that a few years ago could be perceived as a small niche-product - The exploration of James Dyson's work offers a glimpse into the thought processes, design and technological challenges, and the principals that has resulted in significant changes in the field of consumer products.


The exhibition has been realized in collaboration with the Dyson Company and BNZC Israel, Special thanks to Sharon Avner Sidi, Raghda Al-Azab and Tim Sexton

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