'Material Innovation' creates an optimal match between material and purpose – using methods of design thinking and innovation.
Through research and exploration of materials and material-technologies and culture, Material Innovation methods helps you solve challenges in planning and production processes, comply with technical and aesthetic requirements, as well as improving and developing of existing and new capabilities. This practice is aimed for startups, companies and entrepreneurs engaged in the development, production and sale of products, spaced, systems or any other thing made of materials.

Efrat Barak
Materials & Design Innovation

Efrat Barak is a Material Innovation specialist with over ten years of experience and a multidisciplinary approach. She can help you build strategy and find innovative, sustainable material and technological solutions.


Exploring material and technological innovations, design and sustainability trends and developnts


Experienced speaker on materials and design. For conferences, academia and professional events

Material Research

Ongoing material and technological research according to your needs


Broad scope review and direction for innovative, efficient and sustainable material solutions

Dyson’s early vacuum model at Design Museum Holon’s exhibition curated by Efrat Barak
Natual Mushroom
Innovative Air Ink made of air pollution in Extreme Lab category, co-curated by Efrat Barak at Design Museum Holon


Let’s get into Material Innovation

Stainless steel part manufactures using Photo chemical etching (PCE) technology, allowing high accuracy and exceptionally fine details | Suron
Materials with hidden qualities: durability, fire resistance, sustainability, and low temperature thermoplastic
Design led materials: contemporary design for traditional made concrete tile and acoustic flexible geometric wood sheet | Noga tiles, Tesler Mendelovitch